A case study for EMMA: Exercise and Movement Motivation App

Target Group

Adults (18–30) who desire to exercise more throughout the day but can’t find the time to do so.


We began with a habit tracking idea but quickly realized we needed to narrow down our project scope. Thus, we decided to…

Site Map

Here is our team’s site map. We broke up our app into four main sections: workouts, leaderboard, progress, and profile.

Task Flows

For my portion of the tasks flows, I focused on the sign-on process and the leaderboard page. Here is the overall flow of both task flows.

Emma: Exercise and Movement Motivation App.


As we begin to create the brand of our app, we decided to each attempt to visualize how we wanted our brand to feel. We came up with individual mood boards and style tiles and collaborated together to create a final group style tile.


In short, we want to make it easy for our users to exercise. To do so, we focused on tiny prompts that help nudge the user to exercise a little each day. Our diary study showed us that users were able to find the time to complete a short exercise…

Misbah, Anand, Sara, Anjini, Esmeralda

Our Competitors


The mission of Barry’s Bootcamp is to “work hard, have fun, find your strength, and be your best.” Because Barry’s is an in-person class with a cost for each session, it does require significant effort to participate but includes a specially designed “Red Room”…


  • Communicate clearly in all matters, including scheduling meetings, completing work.
  • Ask for help proactively (sooner rather than later) if needed, even if you can’t meet expectations.
  • Be responsive to the group chat.


  • Efficient meetings: have an agenda and show up on time. Demonstrate a bias for action.
  • Assign tasks collectively & follow through with them.
  • Follow up with team members to keep accountability.
  • Set a schedule and stick to it. Avoid procrastination; finish tasks in a timely manner.


  • Be nice! Assume good intent.
  • Be proactive about resolving conflict in a calm and civil manner
  • Be sensitive to the different ways each team member prefers to receive feedback
  • Discuss feedback given to the group verbally and as a group.
  • Revisit these norms as a group at the project midpoint and revise if needed.

Quick sketch note I created on an excerpt of Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg. Decided to practice my physical sketching on this.

Behavior Change

Limit my use of Social Media and YouTube


Anytime I found myself using the apps, I would write down the activity I was doing right before.


I found that anytime I just finished an activity or was bored, I would immediately jump to my phone. …

Esmeralda Nava

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